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Flat duodenal adenoma

Thursday 09 April 2009, Branislav Kunčak, M. D.

Adenoma of the descending part of the duodenum with nonpolypoid morphology

(depressed lesion 5 mm in a diameter- type IIc lesion according to Paris classification).

Finding in a patient without FAP.


Duodenal adenomas

  • occur in the context of genetic syndromes such as FAP or Peutz-Jeghers syndrome

- common in patients with FAP

  • occur sporadically

- sporadic duodenal adenomas are uncommon

  • ampullary adenomas- adenomas of the major duodenal papilla
  • nonampullary adenomas- adenomas of the duodenum that do not involve the major duodenal papilla
  • have malignant potential
  • other types of duodenal polyps:
  1. inflammatory polyps
  2. Brunner´s gland hyperplasia
  3. duodenal gastric metaplasia
  4. carcinoma
  5. lipoma
  6. lymphangioma
  7. neuroendocrine tumors
  • multiple, small, sessile polyps in the duodenal bulb are often benign
  • substantial number of polyps in the descending duodenum are adenomas

Nonampullary sporadic duodenal adenomas


  • rule out FAP, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome
  • side-viewing endoscope or EUS if it is unclear wheather polyp involve the ampulla
  • EUS (if endoscopic finding is suspicious for malignancy, biopsy showed high-grade dysplasia or if polyp is larger than 2 cm)


  • polypectomy
  • EMR
  • ablative therapy (APC, laser) for small lesions as an alternative to polypectomy or EMR
  • surgical resection (lesion suspicious for malignancy, larger lesions or lesions with greater than 1/3 circumferential involvement of the lumen should be considered for surgical resection)
  • postprocedure surveillance
  • individuals with sporadic duodenal adenomas appear to be at a significantly higher risk of colorectal neoplasia, and therefore should undergo screening colonoscopy

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